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We care about things that matter to people. For this reason, we develop concepts and activations that function across channels while inspiring emotional resonance at each touchpoint. At SandBox Solutions LTD, we do not believe that marketing and communications have to be a gamble.


In our perspective, public relations work is an artistic endeavour that begins with the integration of your brand and continues through the contemporary, reliable, secure, and comprehensive communication framework we have developed for your target audience.

Digital Marketing

We apply marketing thinking, creativity and stunning craft to identify and address customer needs, solve problems and unlock new opportunities. Our expertise encompasses visual identity, branding, communications strategy, and experience in marketing.

Web Development

Web development services aid in the creation of all types of web-based software and ensure that web users have a positive experience. Different types of web solutions may appear similar on the surface, but we approach them differently and understand which factors are essential in each case.

Content Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Business Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Social Media Advertising
OnlyFans Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Direct Marketing
Event Management
ICO Projects

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Influencer Marketing
Outbound Marketing
Services Marketing

NFT Projects

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Engagement Marketing
Undercover Marketing
Cause Marketing (Fundraising)
Mobile Marketing
Personalied Marketing
Crypto Token Projects

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